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Soulful Art

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I didn’t expect to find the perfect artwork on my last day in Vietnam after my morning run around Hoi Kiem lake. I dreaded the day when the two pieces from Theaster Gates which have hung on my restaurant walls for two years will be returned to its owner. So I have been on the lookout for their replacements at art shows and galleries wherever I went. I am glad that my search ended up in Hanoi with local artist Ngo Van Sac at Thang Long Gallery. This is how I came to own these two beautiful multimedia artworks. I saw an article on Vietnam Air magazine about an art show at Chula (fashion and art space) in Hanoi. The picture in the article was a self portrait of the artist imposed on wood using a fire burning technique called pyrography (the third frame picture above). So I went to Chula to check it out and just loved the place and the vibe. Except Ngo Van Sac exhibition is a week later and I won’t get to see it. Luckily, Diego the owner and fashion designer of Chula invited me to his office and connected me with the artist via email and facebook! That evening I got a fb message from Ngo Van Sac telling me to check out his work at a local gallery near the lake. The next day,I walked into the gallery with my pink running shirt and shorts not looking like an art buyer by all means. So there they were in front of me, the two pieces that I have been looking for all this time. I do love his newer pieces with his soulful self portrait on wood, but these two street scene works will fit the walls of Saigon Sisters perfectly. It was meant to be and I just have to buy them on my last day in Vietnam.

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