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Taste of Vietnam – Coffee culture

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The weasel makes expensive coffee and I couldn’t fathom the idea of spending 10 times more for a cup of Java that I drink everyday. My good friend Natalie flew in from Singapore to meet up with me and she loves Vietnamese coffee because they are harder to find and much more costly in Singapore. So we went to Ben Thanh market and tasted so many that I was pretty wired after the the fourth or fifth ones. I was overhelmed with so many vendors to choose from that are selling the exact same thing. It came down to this one merchant who was very friendly and gave us the price that we haggled for. The best coffee experience I had was in Hanoi at this hard to find coffee shop that makes egg coffee known as Cafe Hen. It was a coffee shop that is between two shops where you have to go through an alley, put in your order, then climb up to the top floor to sit in a small deck and enjoy the great view of Hoi Kiem Lake while waiting for the coffee to be brought up to you. Below is a short video of what this coffee looks like, wish you could taste it. It is creamy, sweet and strong almost like tiramisu but in liquid foam.

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