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Taste of Vietnam – Iconic dishes from Hanoi

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The first picture above is Cha Ca which is a turmeric dill fish dish originated in Hanoi that is so popular that there are restaurants that only serve that dish on the menu. It’s served hot pot style with tons of dills and vegetables to cook with the white delicate fish marinated in turmeric. You can have two sauces with it, nuoc cham and shrimp paste with roasted peanuts. The flavors combination is delicious but that white vermicelli is so fluffy and light that I can’t find in the States. It’s so light that it doesn’t fill you up like rice or noodles. It’s a perfect side for Cha Ca and Bun Cha, another iconic dish of Hanoi. The charred and grilled pork is the star of this dish. You get a side of ground pork patties and pork belly soaking in a savory and sweet broth serve simply with herbs and that fluffy white vermicelli. Eating bun cha with crispy crab egg rolls sitting on a tiny stool on the streets of Vietnam is how it’s done here. It is addictively good that all you want to do is continuously shove it in your mouth with chopsticks until all the food is gone. Come to think of it, that’s what Vietnamese food does to you. You can’t stop eating or get full quickly because the flavors are bold, well balanced, and so delicious that your taste buds want more and more of it.

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